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A/N: Colab between aqueenandherachilleshell and I

”Why do they call them blind dates when neither person is blind? Do you think the first blind date was really with blind people?” Emma questioned nervously as she did her best to start a conversation with the mayor that sat across from her in a booth at Granny’s diner. The blonde could barely make any sense at all, just being in the presence of the brunette sent her in frenzy. Emma knew she had strong feeling for Regina and it killed her not knowing if the Mayor felt the same about her, though she guest she must feel something for the Sheriff seeing as though she still remained. Rubbing her temples, Regina rolled her eyes at the Sheriff’s topic of conversation, though she did find it slightly amusing how Emma stammered in her presence. Meeting the Sheriff’s gaze she raised a perfectly arched brow, her expression stoic. “Miss Swan, would it kill you not to be so nonsensical?”
“Well, I mean, I just….” Emma placed a hand over her own mouth to stop the verbal mess she called a ‘conversation’ from continuing. Regina could really tell how hard Emma was trying; watching as the Sheriff suddenly looked down into her drink with a heavy heart. Reaching across the table the mayor placed her hand on the blonde’s wrist, pulling her hand from her face. “Emma… I…” Regina sighed unsure of how to lighten the blonde’s spirit, “I’m not quite sure how they came up with the name..” she offered the Sheriff a small smile, as her thumb subconsciously began to gently rub the back of Emma’s hand. “But I can assure you this has turned out better than I had expected” 

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